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InCommon, the app which connects people who share the same interests, is now available to download on both Android and iOS devices. The app is free to use and easy to set up.

Speaking about the potential of the new app, CEO Jennifer Jones noted that “In the digital age, it’s often difficult for people to connect in real life. By matching people according to their interests, InCommon can help people make those connections. There are many individuals who have a particular interest or passion but find that it isn’t shared by their close family or friends. InCommon connects people who share the same interests. It’s also great for anyone who has recently moved to a new area, or for people who are travelling. The app offers a fantastic way to make friends fast.”

A new user recently had a great experience using InCommon while on holiday “I recently went on a trip to Amsterdam. Unfortunalely my friend who I had booked the holiday with, had to cancel at the last minute. Within hours of arriving in Amsterdam, I started to receive matches from InCommon. During my weekend stay, I received 5 matches in total and I actually met up with one person. We had a great time visiting museums and going clubbing. I’m glad I used InCommon and was surprised it worked so well abroad as I’m from London.”

Users can launch into a world of new social possibilities simply by signing up to InCommon through their existing Facebook or Google accounts. Once users have created a profile, they can then view matches based on the interests they have selected. If the search function yields no matches, the user can search through individual interests such as art, photography, horse riding etc. Users also have the ability to filter searches by proximity, gender and age.

This well designed app makes it easier to connect with others and build a network of new friends. Available now in the App Store and on Google Play. Download the InCommon app today and start sharing your interests and expanding your possibilities.

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